(Video) This Hammock Rain Setup is So Clever! Why Didn’t I Think of That Before?!

hammock hook

Again, as long as you have adequate tarp coverage the main danger is getting water run-off from the tree which runs to the tree straps. It’s bad for you, your hammock, and your gear! How to avoid it? See here:

Our host, as you saw, use cinch buckles as a water break. He also uses simple hammock drip lines and says it has done a great job of keeping him dry!

Keeping dry is the least we can do for ourselves when camping or bugging out. It’s little tips like this that will do the job and make us a little more comfortable while visiting or living in the wilderness!


  1. Joe Wise said:

    A comment from a dweeb likely bullied during childhood.

  2. Yuben Yurkenohf said:

    Hammock camping has its pros and cons .
    It’s sometimes cooler and your off the ground and away from most insects and critters .
    I prefer ground level with a tarp in a lean to set up where I can work my fire and use reflective heat when necessary.
    Unless you’re willing to lug a huge hammock when camping for two most singles aren’t very romantic.
    Ground level you can zip two sleeping bags together.
    Dismounting from a hammock in an emergency is a$#%&!@*.

    A hammock you are limited to one sleeping position.

    Ground level you have to choose your site with caution in case of hard rain .
    The list goes on but I suggest anyone that packs in to the woods try them both just to see what suits your style.

  3. Jason Annis said:

    Lol a stainless steel s hook pressed through a plastic bottle cap worked for me for 30 + years.

  4. Jim Southern said:

    That’s a new idea? It’s an old set I used fifty years ago. I’m glad I saved my bell bottom paisley pants. Pease out, Man.

  5. Daniel Grippe said:

    Because the giant metal D ring doesn’t stop water wicking down the webbing already… Have a tarp big enough and you won’t have a problem. Literally hammock camped every season in the Pacific NW never ever had this issue.

  6. Logan Stroup said:

    It definitely helps but nothing really new to me. I’ve been brain storming ideas on how to make a platform out of a square peaice of material and ratchet straps but idk what materials to use to hold at least two ppl

  7. Charlie Wolf said:

    Need to do the same for the lines on your tarp. Having the drip lines longer and going to an empty water bottle also work as a good water gathering system.

  8. Michael McCurdy said:

    Maybe a Dyneema fabric….? I bought some to make durable knee pads for my work pants. There different kinds….

  9. Cordy Williamson said:

    Try not sending people to a bunch of pages of adds just to see a video….that’s bullshit !