(Video) This Family Feeds 9 People a Month for $250. How They Made it Possible? I’m in Awe!


The Big Family Homestead brings us a really special video, showing how they can feed a family of nine (9) people for around two hundred and fifty ($250) dollars a month! What?! And they say they want to bring that figure down even lower!

Now, the heads of the household quickly remind us that they have chickens and some other livestock and do have their own garden, so they get a good portion of their proteins and veggies from home but this is not a family who is wanting or starving!

They eat spaghetti, nachos, home-made pizza – don’t ask them to go to Dominos©! – and they are a very happy and well-satisfied family. They are also very health conscious too!

How do they do it?

After the break go to the next page and watch their informative video, showing their big money saving techniques and how they plan for their meals by the month.

And we are talking good, nourishing meals at around an unbelievable $27 per person! Go over and take a look!

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  1. Hafizullah Himmati said:

    If that family is spending $250 a month only for food to survive, I’d say “It’s too much!”. And I could feed that family only with $200 a month with very healthy food (no junk foods at all)!