(Video) This Concept of an Underground City Post-Collapse Could One Day be What a Survivalist’s Future Consists Of…


Anyone with an iota of imagination has wondered, at one time or another, what it would be like to live under the earth's surface, never to see the sun again, to travel perhaps for months at a time to the Earth’s core? Is this a Jules Verne fantasy or can it really be done?

In a more practical sense many may be wondering what would happen if – for one reason or another – we as people were forced to live our lives under the earth’s surface.

You can go to any bleak scenario: Bombs dropping, radiation, vegetation, water and so many other things infected…. But the question is remains as to whether if people can accomplish this task.

What would be the psychological and physical demands, can we really cope without a genuine sun? Even if this underground world is spacious could the confinement drive some men, women, and children to distraction?

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What are the securities and vulnerabilities of living in an underground society after the SHTF?

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