(Video) This Barrel Was Buried Underground With Produce. When I Found Out Why? I Can’t Wait to Try It!

root cellar

This is a smaller root cellar, made out of 55-gallon drums, but it is fascinating to watch. Not only can a project like this be beneficial for SHTF, it can keep you and your family alive. If you need some motivation to build your own stop here and take this project in:

The video was uploaded on Jan 9, 2010, and since then the owner has made some revisions and discoveries. A drain hole in the bottom of the drum is needed for condensation. Also, insulated lids work best or the temperature will drop considerably. Remember, apples like a dryer climate!

While a root cellar may not be a good fit for everyone, especially those in the city, it is ideal if you live rurally and/or have a good size family. Or if you simply want to prepare for any unforeseen future event. SHTF anyone?


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