(Video) They Give Us a Tour of an Underground Huntsville Lifesaver Storm Shelter – WOW!

storm shelter

Check out the quality of this simple yet well-built underground storm shelter. If you are like us, nervous about tornados and chaos weather conditions, this may be the go-to shelter for you!

While the one displayed in the video is small, enough for a single family, we heard the owner say a friend of his is including power with his shelter. It is nice to know there is a shelter building company out there that can build an “as needed” basis and to the specifications of their clients.

While these shelters may be great for bad weather conditions we would love to see if this company can also build a heavy-duty underground shelter for those of us who want to bug-out when the time comes. An interesting challenge indeed!


  1. Michael Hooley said:

    I lived in Huntsville for a while. The majority of homes are built on a slab (no basements). Unfortunately, Huntsville seems to be in a tornado zone. These shelters were an outstanding option for shelter during a tornado warning if you had a lot they could be buried on.

  2. Michael Blosser said:

    Cheaper to build and live in an oversized underground shelter (3x40ft containers) than to build a house. Lol

  3. Theresa Vela said:

    looks like there is little to no ventilation, there is no lighting , or drainage in case of flooding.

  4. Jay Davi said:

    I know it. I could live under the house or container if i have to let alone underground. Lol