(Video) They Give Us a Tour of an Underground Huntsville Lifesaver Storm Shelter – WOW!

storm shelter

For years we lived in Southern California and although we did have the occasional earthquake scare in the area, tornadoes and hurricanes were never anything we had to worry about.

We’ve been living in our home here in the southeast for about six months now. It was a few weeks ago that we were “touched” by the tail of a tornado and we need to be honest. It was frightening. Possibly even scarier than any earthquake we’ve ever experienced!

However, if worse had come to worse we did have a sort of shelter to run to although, even now, we’re not sure if we could have got there in time.

This is why the Underground Huntsville Lifesaver Storm Shelter is so interesting to us. It’s a simple but effective shelter you can have installed right next to your house.

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  1. Michael Hooley said:

    I lived in Huntsville for a while. The majority of homes are built on a slab (no basements). Unfortunately, Huntsville seems to be in a tornado zone. These shelters were an outstanding option for shelter during a tornado warning if you had a lot they could be buried on.

  2. Michael Blosser said:

    Cheaper to build and live in an oversized underground shelter (3x40ft containers) than to build a house. Lol

  3. Theresa Vela said:

    looks like there is little to no ventilation, there is no lighting , or drainage in case of flooding.

  4. Jay Davi said:

    I know it. I could live under the house or container if i have to let alone underground. Lol