(Video) The 5 C’s and What the Primary Differences Are Between Survival and Bushcraft

The 5 Cs

In the name of survival, we sometimes gather a lot of interesting items, especially if we have been at it for years. Much of it – although handy and “sweet” – are often things that are not truly vital to our day to day survival in the wilderness.

However, there are some items that are musts. If you have these supplies you stand a great chance of making it out of any perilous outdoor situation alive.

These are known as the five (5) Cs. We will not go into here because Survival Lilly has a terrific video that is a “must watch” for preppers and survivalists. She demonstrates how each item should be used and even suggests alternate survival tools.

After the break, take a look and listen at her video that explains the five (5) Cs, why they are important, and also the primary difference between survival and bushcraft!

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