[VIDEO] Build Your Own Tankless Water Heater

Need access to hot water out in the open? Now you can with this awesome tankless water heater. Whether you're trying to wash your dog outside, take a warm shower while camping or you simply wanna wash your dishes properly in the outdoors (don't laugh – we've seen this happen first hand) then you need to have a portable water heater.

Traditional water heaters are continually heating the water stored in its tank. The concept of a tankless water heater is that it only heats up water as its needed. Meaning – when it's not in use, it's not heating. People in the United Kingdom have been using this method for years as an eco friendly way to cut down on energy costs and its getting more popular within the United States as well.

On page 2, we're going to show you how to make your very own tankless water heater. You'll be the most popular neighbor on your block and the most badass camper in your campground!


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  1. Jack Farley said:

    Also a co2 Generator if property adjusted. Pop it in the greenhouse… Bam, double duty!

  2. Fred Wriston said:

    That’s my shower I’m off grid have used it daily for four years no problems gets very hot

  3. Shane Wright said:

    Built one just like this at the beginning of summer just off an idea, using AGM battery and solar panel to power. Love it for camping!

  4. John Kolar said:

    I put one in a vw bus trailer with toilet! Now my bus is a portable hotel room!

  5. Shane Wright said:

    I bought a blue 55 gal drum for $20 and I lay it on its side and I taped one cap with a bib and a breather on the other and I lay it in my truck bed and fill it before I leave, plenty of water for 3-4 days for several people to shower at camp!

  6. Jimmy Mayo said:

    @[509700916:2048:Melody Helton Mayo] @[766336911:2048:Scott Tillery] @[1271805210:2048:Linda Mayo Tillery] @[501957549:2048:Paula Ross Helton] @[100005071455187:2048:David Fields] this is basically how I’m making the shower at the farm house work.

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