[VIDEO] Build Your Own Tankless Water Heater


No more cold stream baths while you're camping! Now you have the ability to take a warm shower off the grid and all your fellow campers will be asking you how they can get their own.

This tankless heater only requires 1/2 gallon of water flow per minute and a 5 PSI water pressure. This isn't difficult to accomplish at all. You can simply get some bladder bags or a 5 gallon bucket (we use these buckets for EVERYTHING) and hang them from a tree as a gravity feed. Done and done.

Will you be making one of these for your next camping trip?

If you do, tell us about it! We'd love to hear your experience building it and if you made any modifications to tailor it to your needs. All feedback and tips should be shared in the comments section below.


  1. Jack Farley said:

    Also a co2 Generator if property adjusted. Pop it in the greenhouse… Bam, double duty!

  2. Fred Wriston said:

    That’s my shower I’m off grid have used it daily for four years no problems gets very hot

  3. Shane Wright said:

    Built one just like this at the beginning of summer just off an idea, using AGM battery and solar panel to power. Love it for camping!

  4. John Kolar said:

    I put one in a vw bus trailer with toilet! Now my bus is a portable hotel room!

  5. Shane Wright said:

    I bought a blue 55 gal drum for $20 and I lay it on its side and I taped one cap with a bib and a breather on the other and I lay it in my truck bed and fill it before I leave, plenty of water for 3-4 days for several people to shower at camp!

  6. Jimmy Mayo said:

    @[509700916:2048:Melody Helton Mayo] @[766336911:2048:Scott Tillery] @[1271805210:2048:Linda Mayo Tillery] @[501957549:2048:Paula Ross Helton] @[100005071455187:2048:David Fields] this is basically how I’m making the shower at the farm house work.