(VIDEO) Survivalist Bear Grylls Captures a Snake in the Wild, Except the Snake Has Other Ideas…

snake bite born survivor

When it comes to eating dinner, usually all you have to worry about is either eating too much, dealing with annoying heartburn, or going to bed with an upset stomach. Oh, and you may have bit your tongue or cheek while eating too.

But usually, very few people have to deal with their meal trying to bite them when they want to eat it.

The exception is Bear Grylls, a survivalist from the show Born Survivor. The norm is for this survivalist to satisfy his quest for adventure and hunger is by trying something fascinating indeed. However, things don't always go according to plan.

Bear whips out his survival knife after seeing a colorful snake hanging out in the nearby tree and shortly afterward pulls the snake down to make short work of it.

However, this snake isn't about to go down without a fight, and this survivalist quickly discovers that a bite can lead to a snake bite. Watch this crazy scene as it takes place in this incredible video after the break. 

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  1. Casey A Holland said:

    Keith, I don’t know what you’re talking about. His show is full of great examples of all of the things you should never do in an emergency situation. That’s the idea right?

  2. Keith Maddox said:

    He puts peoples lives in danger to make a buck ! He is an idiot like you must actually be!

  3. Keith Maddox said:

    Running , Jumping, being and idiot! Yea I guess for you couch potatoes.

  4. Casey A Holland said:

    I guess you didn’t notice the sarcasm in my statement. Just joking saying most everything he does is an example of what not to do.

  5. Casey A Holland said:

    Oh, you changed your statement. I was clearly joking, but you tried to insult me both times. You’re a joke. Couch potato? Coming from a fat useless city boy FIB. I never lived in a city until I joined the Army. I’ve forgotten more about mountaineering, outdoor rec, combat and survival than you will ever know. I figured by your comment you would understand and appreciate my joking about that idiot, but instead thinking about what you read you just immediately went to insulting.

  6. Anonymous said:

    I lost all respect when he did fake survival with Obama. What a joke.

  7. Mike Hall said:

    Thought it was gonna say he drank snake piss. Thanks for saving me a click

  8. Steve Hennessey said:

    his whole career is a LIE, he gave the illusion of being all alone in middle of nowhere, yet there was a film crew and they all ate catered lunchs and slept in hotels. no respect for anything he does, and will not watch a minute of any show he does

  9. Tim Walters said:

    He gave the illusion he was all alone in the wilderness but there was a film crew there with him…I won’t say anything except let you ponder that for a while. Hopefully not too long.

  10. Glen Comstock said:

    This show is fake. They stay in hotels while they are filming. Plus they carry water and snacks. It’s all fake

  11. Syed K Hussain said: