(Video) Putting Together a Basic Snare Trap With Paracord or Wire for Survival

paracord snare

As good as we are at prepping, stocking away good foodstuffs, and making certain all members of the family are prepared for a chaos situation, eventually things are going to run out. Of course, this is taking in the viewpoint that a crisis will be long-term and food will be at a premium. It makes sense.

The point is, eventually you may have to hunt. For the vegetarians and vegans amongst us, it will be something to come to terms with. If they or you can eat nuts and berries and stay strong then, by all means, go with that. But, for the most part, the carnivores amongst us will need meat.

There are a few different ways to go about it but we suspect, especially if there are young children involved, building a snare is what the majority will feel most comfortable with.

On the next page, we have an outdoorsman who gives a lesson in building snares. He uses paracord for one and wire for the other. It is an interesting tutorial and if you are new to the world of snares you will most definitely want to give it a look!

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  1. Andrew Meissner said:

    You mean like a rabbit or squirrel that has little to no nutritional value per your post yesterday ? ?

  2. Jason Howell said:

    Andrew Meissner. Rabbit and squirrel have a very high amount of nutrition. The problem is our bodies need fats to absorb a lot of nutrients. Rabbit and squirrel are so lean you have to add fat to their meat to gain anything.
    You can simply fry the meat in lard.
    Look up “rabbit starvation.”