(Video) Prepper Rolls a Tarp, Builds a Durable Survival Shelter for Under $30 – See the Final Result!

tarp teepee

What is really nice about this shelter or teepee system is it is not just compact but I am also fairly inexpensive — at $30.00 or under! You can’t get it much better than that unless you build your own with branches and brush in the wild. And really, do you want to take the time to do that or would you rather hike and bird watch?

We are told this 12 x 16′ tarp will provide plenty of room for one person. It is a great solo shelter and you still have room for a tent stove, a cot, and even a chair! However, if you want to do without the chair and stove you could potentially get three people in the tent!

See, family and buddy friendly and easy to build! It is survival living on a budget and we always appreciate that!