(Video) Prepper Rolls a Tarp, Builds a Durable Survival Shelter for Under $30 – See the Final Result!

tarp teepee

What would you think if we said you can build a great shelter with only a single piece of 12 x 16 tarp? This, with a single wood pole, makes it more than possible.

We are talking about a teepee design and you can certainly use a bigger tarp if you want more space but, honestly, if you want to keep it traditional, lower to the ground, it makes for an ideal camp shelter for backpacking, trail hiking, and exploring the outdoors. The low-profile design, we are told, helps to shield against the wind and that makes this shelter system nearly storm proof!

There is a sacrifice in height as we said, you won’t be standing in this shelter, but it’s great for the casual camper or someone who wants to pull up stakes quickly, after a day or two, and move along. Check it out over on the next page!

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