(Video) Prepper Built an Amazing Mobile Bug Out Shelter for a Disaster. Check Out the Inside!

bug out mobile shelter

There is a great deal of information in the video below, given at a rapid pace. If you feel the need to pause it please do. If you have some better ideas we would love to hear about them

What stood out for us was a single comment. That a bug-out bag is there to help you on your way to a more permanent location. It makes sense but there are a few survivalists out there that are convinced that their bug-out bags will allow them to subsist for months on end until whatever chaotic mess has happened will finally right itself.

With a mobile survival shelter, with all its supplies as shown, that may not be too far off target. It is not just the ultimate moving home but a big mobile bug-out bag too! All we ask is that you keep it safe. If you find a place, it seems secure and free of threat, hang in there for the long haul. Not everything will be ideal but this mobile shelter could go a long way in making life better during and after a collapse.