(Video) Prepper Built an Amazing Mobile Bug Out Shelter for a Disaster. Check Out the Inside!

bug out mobile shelter

There is an issue few survivalists talk about when it comes to bugging out and going to their home away from home, should a chaos situation happen. First of all, we do understand the need for bugging out, having a place to run to when things get bad, a take-over is present, and life can get dangerous and a little too hectic where you currently live.

Yet, how do you know that where you are running to isn’t just as unsafe? How do you know that your little cabin on or under a hill isn’t exactly where the bomb will explode or where the military will do a lock-out during a SHTF scenario?

Yes, we understand you have already studied the situation and know what you are doing. That is great. But we maintain we simply do not know what, how, or where things will happen. We can estimate, pray, and plan on that estimation but will it truly be accurate?

Would it not be great to have a mobile bug out shelter you can pack up and take wherever it is you want or need to go? This may not be as crazy as it sounds.

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