(Video) Lost in the Woods and in Pain? Here’s How to Make Aspirin.


The one thing we do not want, when caught in the middle of the wilderness, is to be in pain. It does not have to be a twisted ankle or bites from those pesky insects. Just a slowly developing headache can be a deterrent to having a pleasant hike or taking in a terrific natural learning experience!

If you did not bring aspirin, never anticipating a head or body aches might happen, you can look into the woods for your cure. And, of course, if and when the SHTF this can be a terrific alternative if ever you and yours run out of aspirin!

Go on over to the next page and watch a great video that will show you have to make a very simple but effective pain reliever.

It may seem an unimportant safeguard now, but if you find yourself in pain you will really want to know all about this!

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  1. Jay Partin said:

    Easy to cut off slice of inner bark of Willow tree and chew much easier no boiling.

  2. Peter Gawleta said:

    Just remember that many people can damage their stomachs using aspirin leaving them ulcerated, which left untreated can turn cancerous, so a word of caution when using it.

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