(Video) Lost in the Woods and in Pain? Here’s How to Make Aspirin.


It’s fast, easy and will make a world of difference if you are in pain and have forgotten aspirin or any other reliever! Nature is at our disposal so let’s use it to benefit the mind and bodies of you, your family and friends!

Experiencing a headache is no laughing matter. This is particularly the case if a migraine is involved. No matter how tough and virile you think you are the pain can reduce anyone to a person who just wants to lay down and sleep.

However, if you follow the steps above you can – if not totally get rid of your pain – the drink or willow pulp will at least make the discomfort better until you can get the aspirin or injection you so vitally need.

There you have it! Now, enjoy the rest of your wilderness hike!


  1. Jay Partin said:

    Easy to cut off slice of inner bark of Willow tree and chew much easier no boiling.

  2. Peter Gawleta said:

    Just remember that many people can damage their stomachs using aspirin leaving them ulcerated, which left untreated can turn cancerous, so a word of caution when using it.