(VIDEO) Learning How to Hunt as a Team Could Make Hunting Post-SHTF That Much Easier. Here’s How:

Hunting as a team

When SHTF, many preppers will be okay for a little while with the hundreds of pounds of oats and wheat they’ve managed to store. Eventually, though, you will grow tired of eating the same canned junk over and over again day after day.

You’ll begin to think about all the things you lost when the world was lost, and thoughts of fresh meat will likely enter your mind on more than one occasion.

When those thoughts lead to action, hunting will probably be your primary method of satisfying your craving. As with most other things, hunting is more successful when you work as a team, which is why lions and wolves, two of the most successful hunters out there, utilize teamwork in order to bring down their prey.

Of course, tandem hunting takes practice, so you should start your education by learning the techniques on the next page.

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