(VIDEO) Learning How to Hunt as a Team Could Make Hunting Post-SHTF That Much Easier. Here’s How:

Hunting as a team

Hunting is a very hit or miss (yes, a pun) method of obtaining food, but oftentimes the best way to get a lot of food all at once is to utilize this method. Hunting as a team of two or more can make you much more successful, but it’s not easy to get right. Learn some of the basics below.

The best way to make hunting as a team successful is to have some members of your group walk through the area in which you think game are hiding to flush them out. Then, one or more hunters can wait on the outskirts to ambush the game when they book it out of the woods.

Of course, with different game you’ll utilize different techniques, but certainly in order to fill your stomach you should consider team hunting as a viable alternative to just sitting in a tree and hoping something wanders by.