(VIDEO) Learn How to Make a Primitive Survival Trap Called the Feather Spear Trap

Making a Trap

We have said it before. You may already have the perfect trap arranged and set up in your mind, or even practiced, to capture food. However, it is never a bad idea to know more than one or two hunting and capturing skills.

We give you the Feather Spear Trap. It is an ingenious method of gaining valuable resources. Aka: Meat. And do not ever forget there will be people always willing to trade and barter for pelts and food when the grid goes down!

We enjoyed the video on the following page for a lot of reasons. Not only were the instructions clear and concise but we also appreciated how our host showed us how to locate certain prey like wild pigs, making it easier to set up a trap for a sure capture or kill.

This may not be the trap some of our more vegetarian or vegan survivalist will subscribe to but it is very important to know how to capture food, mostly protein when the SHTF and your family is hungry.

After the break learn how to construct and make use of this survival trap!

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