(VIDEO) Learn How to Make a Primitive Survival Trap Called the Feather Spear Trap

Making a Trap

Check out the following video. Be sure to watch carefully and if you decide to build this trap, listen carefully to our host’s instructions. It is as dangerous as it looks but it's also very effective! If you need to catch a meal, this trap can definately help you accomplish that!

In a survival situation you can always tell when something could very well be dangerous. If the maker of a video, showing you how to make a trap, tells you right away that this should never be created except for survival reasons, think long and hard before you make your own.

We are not by any means saying you should not go forth and experiment but just keep in mind that this trap is for capturing wild animals – not to use on the neighbor’s dog or small children!

In other words,  the Feather Trap is for the safe, sane and hungry.