(Video) How to Repair a Cut With Only Duct Tape

duct tape bandage

Duct tape is one of those all around great tools to have stocked up in your survival arsenal and even in your regular arsenal.

In fact, if you don’t have at least a few rolls of quality duct tape lying around the house, there are many who would say that you’re just begging for trouble.

After all, this handy material can be used to mend leaky hoses, slap a patch on torn tarps, repair mosquito screens and pretty much anything else. You could even craft a wallet or two.

One use you may not be aware of is the practical emergency use of duct tape for sealing wounds shut. And it makes sense; duct tape is waterproof, sticks to damn near anything and is often on hand whenever you need it most.

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  1. Joshua Rock said:

    Try to keep some form of protective barrier between the wound and the adhesive to prevent infection

  2. Stephen Locke said:

    SUPERGLUE , on the leading edge of deeper wounds is great , duct tape can then be used as a moisture barrier .

  3. Chris Reeves said:

    Did the same thing with a bandaid when I split my eyebrow open as a kid. Worked well

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