(Video) How to Repair a Cut With Only Duct Tape

duct tape bandage

Duct tape is one of those things which most people use and few see the full potential of. Did you know it can make a valuable addition to an emergency first aid kit? Check it out below.

1) Apply a little glue around the cut.

2) Apply 1/4 inch wide strips of duct tape to seal the wound.

3) Apply antibiotic ointment.

4) Cover with a dressing.

Everything has a time and a place; while duct tape is useful for many purposes, it definitely doesn’t beat dependable gauze and medical tape. For that reason, do your best to keep well stocked with medical essentials so that you don’t need to rely on hardware supplies to mend your wounds.

Duct tape is a great idea until you need to remove it, at which point you may immediately regret your decision. That said, as a last resort you can bet even the most seasoned EMT would consider duct tape as a viable option.

This is a useful SHTF tip for everyone from the most seasoned prepper to the newbie just looking to make it through the next storm. For more tips like this, check out The Survival Doctor.

Featured Image via EDC Forums


  1. Joshua Rock said:

    Try to keep some form of protective barrier between the wound and the adhesive to prevent infection

  2. Stephen Locke said:

    SUPERGLUE , on the leading edge of deeper wounds is great , duct tape can then be used as a moisture barrier .

  3. Chris Reeves said:

    Did the same thing with a bandaid when I split my eyebrow open as a kid. Worked well