(Video) How to Put Together an Inexpensive Water Filter on a Budget

inexpensive water filter


In the future, we simply do not know what will happen to our water supply. We hope it will remain clean and clear but, as any prepper can tell you, that is not always a given.

The best way to get around this, before an emergency situation hits, is to not just keep gallons of fresh water in reserve but to also obtain or make a water filtration system, to filter out the impurities you find in the suspect water.

Easier said than done, you may think, but not so! Water purification can be done fairly easily. All it takes is a little preparation and we are all about that, right?

Over on the next page we a have a really terrific video showing how any prepper can build their own version of a famous Berkey water purifier.

That is the one that is used around the world to purify water from potentially contaminated sources like rain water and the H20 from streams and rivers.

Go over and check out how you can have drinkable water at the ready anytime you need it!

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