(Video) How to Make Long-Term MRE’s for Pennies

Ready to Vaccume Seal

We learned first-hand what it was like to be in a SHTF situation when, a couple months ago, our area was “touched” by a tornado. It did some damage and broke off a couple of power poles. Our apartment complex was without electric for a week.

It was very frustrating and we were really in the blind because our stove was power-driven. This, we vow, will not happen again. In our next apartment or house, we get a gas stove or nothing else!

Anyway, being the preppers we are we took our MREs out on the balcony and started a cook-out that had neighbors, those who had to go eat out for every meal, envious of our gourmet delights.

And trust us, they were simple sealed-up MREs that anyone could pull together!

On the next page we’re going to show you a video of a prepper who will show you how to make your own MREs for pennies!

All you need are ingredients and a good vacuum sealer and you are go to go! Take a look!

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  1. Seth Hofstetter said:

    I wonder if he included the cost of the food saver and bags…still, 1 gallon of soup for under a buck is pretty sweet!