(Video) How to Make a Rocket Stove for Only $5 That’s Easy and Effective!

tin can rocket stone

Looking for ways to cook your food that doesn't require carrying around cans of fuel and hardly costs you a dime? This is an excellent alternative and a real time saver. Check out this homemade rocket stove.

As with all rocket stoves, what makes this design great is that it focuses all the heat to the center point on top, where you'll be placing your pots and pans to get your cooking and coffee-making done. It does this with minimal fuel, as well, meaning you won't need to keep wandering into the woods to grab more dry wood.

To top it all off, this design is incredibly cheap to make, which won't cost you as much as an off-the-shelf model, which can run over a hundred bucks. At the same time, it's equally as effective and nearly as pretty, so which would you choose?


  1. Rob Anderson said:

    Good info, just put a drop cloth down before drilling and cutting on you carpet. that is not going to come out until you step on it barefooted