(VIDEO) How to Hot Wire a Car in Less Than Two Minutes

how to hot wire a car

It's an unfortunate situation: You have an important meeting to get to or your children need to be picked up from school, but you can't find your car keys. Either they fell out of your pocket as you went throughout your day or you accidently set them down somewhere and forgot to pick them up.

If you have a keypad on the side of your car or have left it unlocked, getting into the vehicle won't be a problem. Now you just have to face the prospect of getting your vehicle started without your car keys.

With a little common know-how, many vehicles can be hotwired in a matter of minutes and can be safely driven to your destination, where you hopefully have an extra set of keys.

To learn how to hotwire a car for emergencies, watch the straightforward video on the next page.

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  1. Jeff Taylor said:

    Exept for the ignition lock and newer cars have a computer chip in the key this is bs. In order to hot wire a car you gota bust out the igntion or break the colom to be able to turn …

  2. Les Gibson said:

    Yeah, I used to do that on my parents 55 Olds to go joy riding. They weren’t to happy once they found out. I don’t think it can be done that easy any more.

  3. Randall Burkhart said:

    I did car alarms for about 10 years……you have to be very knowledgeable to hot wire even an older car….the new stuff it is almost impossible and would take a lot of time even for an expert….

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