(Video) How to Go About Making a Skivvy Roll and Fitting an Entire Outfit in a Pair of Socks!

skivvy roll

When it comes to packing for road trips, hikes, vacations and of course, a collapse, it's important to be able to store enough clothing in your bag without it taking too much space.

It's always best to pack the most without having to carry too much.

Luckily, if you're out of space saving packing ideas, this tutorial will show you how to roll your clothes together. It's called a skivvy roll, and it will definitely change the way you pack you bug out bag.

It doesn't require anything but your outfit and a pair of socks. In no time, you'll have several dry clothes rolled up in your socks without it taking all of your valuable space!

Find out how to roll your clothes into a skivvy roll by watching the video on the next page!

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  1. Michael Corey said:

    This is day one stuff in the military, man. Also this is the third time you’ve posted this.