The Ideal States to Head to When All Hell Breaks Loose


When all hell breaks loose, and a collapse is on hand, finding shelter and surviving harsh conditions are only the beginning. It's up to you to figure out a way to make it through, even when all seems impossible.

Serious preppers know that everyone needs to formulate a travel plan when SHTF to find more permanent safety no matter what happens.

Believe it or not, there are some states in America that are perfect for bugging out and moving to after a collapse.

If these states haven't been on your radar, now might be a good time to consider them in your survival destination plan.

Check out the next page to find out which states are ideal to head to when all hell breaks loose!

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  1. Allan Griffiths said:

    Let’s be realistic. If not already there…you won’t be driving over multiple states to get anywhere. Between gas. Roads. People. Government. Whatever disaster happened. Etc. You may as well stay put!

  2. Joe Wade said:

    Good luck getting 30 miles from where yer at in any shtf scenario… and if you do get farther than 30, youll wish to god you never left..

  3. Grey Scars said:

    East is by far from the side of the US you want to go. If there was a crisis you do not want to be around high populations. Specially if there was a ww3, entire east coast would be bombed. You need somewhere central-central/west US with several small towns or a larger town within 10 miles. Far enough you don’t half to worry about others are close enough if you need a mandatory supply run.
    Human psychology breeds chaos without standards. You drop a base of standards you have anarchy, from anarchy you get small controlled groups. These groups fight and lock territory and rule them selves. Not all will be friendly and helpful to strangers.

  4. Ehren Reddick said:

    i notice quite a few little red dots in my southwest corner of pa… it’s terribly wrong. no one wants to come here when the$#%&!@*hits the fan…..

  5. Shep Conors said:

    So if your east of the Mississippi River, you’re pretty much fucked.

  6. Diane Benfield said:

    Read your article…you show red dots on North Carolina…yet, you did not put us on your list….WHY?

  7. Terry Pugesek said:

    Come join me in Northern WI, folks. Wild game up the wazoo and plenty of timber. Hot as a welders$#%&!@*in July, and cold as a well diggers$#%&!@*in January, but we have plenty of venison and walleye.

  8. Jesse Gregory James said:

    I wouldn’t go anywhere on this list don’t you think someone in the government has this list

  9. Don Hughes said:

    I certainly hope those red dots aren’t the places they are suggesting heading to.

  10. Glenn Todd said:

    My concern is all the states with nuclear power reactors. What will happen to them when all hell breaks loose?

  11. Sam Fay said:

    Sorry but idaho is full of fat freeloaders and they will shot anything they do not like.

  12. Jeff Ahlm said:

    I live outside of Danbury. Couldn’t agree with you more.

  13. Chris Kubichek said:

    Rhinelander ive fiahing capital of world shhhhh dont tell people about our treasures i dont want it to become easy for freeloaders imagine all the summertime fibs here year round……forever omg wtf lol but seriously be selfish our fish deer bear ect