(VIDEO) How to Fix a Broken Fishing Rod and Reinforce It Using a Method From Over 30 Years Ago

repairing a fishing rod

Fishing is a fantastic way to not only pass the time away while you're enjoying the great outdoors but when you're bugging out and need some food, fishing can take care of that too.

Many fishermen and survivalists rely on their fishing rod to help them catch fish, but with too much use or a battle with an overzealous fish, a fishing rod can accidentally get broken.

When you're dealing with a SHTF situation having a broken fishing rod when you need a meal is the last thing you want to deal with. And if you're unsure how to repair a broken fishing rod you're pretty much done for unless you have another meal alternative.

Luckily there's a way to improve a fishing rod and reinforce it when it breaks. Learn how to fix a broken fishing rod and quickly use it again to catch a tasty meal after the break.

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