(Video) How to Easily Make Primitive Hot Glue Sticks

primitive hot glue sticks

If you are running low on bug out supplies and need glue sticks when SHTF, here is how you can make them using natural supplies!

Every prepper knows that you never know what you are going to find yourself needing when a collapse occurs. This is why it is a good idea to not only have plenty of supplies in your bug out bag, but you should also know how to make tools out of materials you have around you.

Glue is one of those supplies that use so often, that many of us take it for granted that we always have it around. However, chances are the glue that we are used to may be in short supply or even non-exist in the middle of the disruptive event.

Even if you have some in your stockpile, you may run out sooner than you think.

You may need glue sticks for repairing tools, shelters, making new tools, or even mending a cut in a pinch if you don't have time for stitches.

The amazing video on the next page shows us how to make primitive glue sticks using materials we can find on the land. Glue may just get you out of a bind or two when you have to bug out!

To find out how to make extremely useful hot glue sticks for when a collapse occurs, please head on over to the next page and check out this incredible video…

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  1. Quentin John Saville said:

    In OZ you can get resin from the base on the Spinifex bush. Warm it up and stick it on. Used for spear head attachments and water (jerry can, plastic) repair