(Video) How to Build an Earthbag Fortress on the Cheap


Designing and building one’s own home is a dream come true. We know where we want to live, how much we have to spend, and the design we are looking for.

Unfortunately, expectation often exceeds our bank accounts. It just does not seem fair when a potential home owner has all of these creative ideas swirling about in his head and on paper but not the means to build!

Earthbag construction is a durable and affordable technique for building houses.

Different styles, of course, create different price-tags but if you are looking for a good home, that is safe for you and the family, and was developed specifically with the goal of making them earthquake resistant, you are in luck!

It has also been said that earthbag homes are very effective at stopping most common bullet calibers. This is very important when the world is in chaos!

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