(Video) How to Build a Super Quick Shelter Tarp in Less Than 2 Minutes!

guy in tarp tent

While none of us may be one hundred percent prepared for a major camping trip or wilderness adventure – there seems to always be something missing – we can take the little tips and tricks other hikers and campers show us and make them work for our own outdoor lifestyle!

If you are anything like us you hate when things take too much time. Maybe it is a mere inbred impatience, wanting everything done now, so when we heard there was a video on how you can pop a tent in two minutes we were on it!

Yes, it does take a little pre- preparation but not much and we love that too!

After the break go over to the next page and watch this great short video showing us an easy shelter or lean-to that takes nearly no time to create.

Our host has added some of his own extra touches and we appreciate his fore-thinking as well. It’s simple and satisfying. Take a look!

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  1. Counts Henry said:

    In a heavy wind blowing rain I’d still rather have a good tent with rain fly.

  2. Ernie Grizzly Anderson said:

    This works great even in the rain..I use this exact set up when motorcycling light…if rains or for insect control use a rain poncho for a door..