(Video) How to Build a Cobb Oven for Off The Grid Living


While a cob oven may not be the easiest or quickest outdoor oven to construct it is definitely worth the effort! Not only is it resilient and makes great food but, when done right, a cob oven is really good-looking too!

The first thing we thought about when observing the final product, seeing the cob oven in all its beauty, was wondering if it made a good pizza! It does, in a sense, remind us of an Italian pizza oven with a Spanish style twist. Having spoken with someone who owns a cob oven, we were told it made wonderful pizzas, hamburgers and even a great gooey macaroni and cheese!

They did not have to sell us any further. Since a cob oven is economical and can be put together by nearly anyone, the only cost will be in your time and effort. In our view, it is time to get started!