(Video) How to Build a Cobb Oven for Off The Grid Living


Cob has been around for centuries. It is fireproof, generally impervious to earthquakes and weather and – best of all – it is inexpensive.

While we are talking about creating a cob oven here, for those who consider themselves artistic or creative, the material can also be used to build wonderful sculptural forms!

In recent years cob has been used by preppers and any person or groups of people who want to build with a natural substance. Sustainability movements particularly love cob and,

Sustainability movements particularly love cob and, over on the next page we meet a group who, through a Permaculture Design Course in San Diego California, are building their own wood-fired cob oven. It is a group effort and fascinating to watch!

When the grid goes down you can always break out the grill and BBQ but why not take it a step further and build a sincerely impressive oven!

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