(Video) Hiking? At a Minimum, Here’s What a Person Needs:


More time outdoors, especially off the beaten track, means more opportunities to find yourself in trouble.

To prepare for that, you need a day survival kit; this video covers that.

A basic or day survival kit gives you the ability to get through a fairly simple survival incident – say you sprain an ankle on a hike or loose track of time and find yourself too far to make it back to your vehicle before dark.

Those types of incidents can happen to all of us, but do not require that you carry a full-blown survival kit with you.

What do you have in your basic or “day” survival kit? Tell us below.


  1. Patrick Camblin said:

    If your talking about receational hiking in parks and forests, leave your weapons at home. Trust me, other hikers are not nuts or insecure, and it is only the thought that others have weapons that would make one consider taking weapons. If you cannot deal with that, stay home.

  2. Ted Alblas said:

    So whats wrong with havong a backpacker shotgun when hiikng in bear country. Dont get me wrong bear spray is awesome and whatnot but i wanna be able to do nore than yell when i meet a bear that like his food spicy lol

  3. Billy Themis said:

    Wants and needs are different…I lived in a tent for years without half of this$#%&!@*.. And native Americans and earlier people lived with even less… Relax a bit… We are designed to survive in the world as we are… So much so that we have dominated it and are bending it to our will… Which ironically enough might be what kills us…