(Video) Here’s What a Prepper Should Never Wear After SHTF. He’ll Never Stand a Chance if He Wears This.

what to wear during a collapse

You're watching a new eppy on What Not to Wear survival edition and this time it's focused on a prepper's clothing.

The prepper who is being judged is far from passing the test because he made a big mistake by not wearing the proper clothing.

If you were the survivalist on the show, would you pass the test?

It's likely that when the grid goes down, preppers will be thrown back into the Stone Age. Even though it's likely that most preppers will disappear into the woods where they'll spend most of their time in their bug out shelter, eventually they will have to leave. Why is that? They'll need to get more food, trade, and perform other tasks.

When a prepper ventures out into the woods when things have settled down a bit after SHTF, it's likely he will come across threatening people. During that time the last thing a survivalist needs is to wear clothing that'll make him stand out. Camouflaged clothing is best so he can remain stealth.

What a prepper should never wear is full tactical gear such as camo pants, a shirt, and a ton of weapons.

If he goes out like this, he's looking to get shot. 

After the break discover what clothing a prepper should be wearing post-collapse as opposed to full blown tactical gear. It's best to wear clothing like this to stay safe from potentially being seriously hurt! 

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  1. Larry Newsom said:

    I hate the grey man concept, because I’ve seen it fail. While deployed there where certain areas where POG units got hit almost daily, yet when the infantry guys would go through, nothing. It was a mystery until someone pointed out that the other guys LOOKED sloppy. Weapons carried in one hand or slung. No one was paying close attention to anything. Their kit looked like garbage. They all LOOKED tired and uninterested and made themselves a target. When WE rolled through, different story. Eyes where up and scanning. Weapons at the low ready. You looked alert and angry. Our kit was squared away. No one was going to$#%&[email protected]*with us because we radiated a presence of “attack us and you loose”

    Now you can either look like a victim and become a victim, or look like you’re too much trouble to mess with and most will back down and look for easier prey.

  2. Eric Etheridge said:

    You’re right. He neither looked like a Vietnamese man, nor did he speak the language fluently.

  3. Andy Frederick Seelig said:

    Everyone just chill. The central tenant of this video which I watched years ago is this; low and slow is always best.

  4. Justin Fiske said:

    There is a fallacy in your logic. You’re still thinking in element mindset, not individual.

    A round brown told us a third would go home and get their$#%&[email protected]*handed to them in a bar fight because they think they’re tough$#%&[email protected]*after a little hand-to-hand training when in reality, most of level 1 and 2 is designed to keep you alive long enough for your buddy to shoot your aggressor.

  5. Larry Newsom said:

    That makes literally no sense.

    I was an infantryman. My job, my WHOLE job was to kill. And I’m not talking some stupid “arm trap and roll”$#%&[email protected]* I assure you if it gets bad I will A) not be alone, and B) not be trying to grapple people.

  6. Cliff Farris said:

    To many pop up ads and bullshit to deal with to read it that is why i hate these sites

  7. James Olechovski said:

    I would say it depends on the reason you are bugging out. Is it civil unrest or is it ww3. If it is ww3 ithe doesn’t matter what you have on they will try to kill you. But regardless it all depends on the situation there is no one way that covers all of it so you need to learn to be aware of the situations at hand and be able to use logic and common sense.

  8. George Adkins said:

    They didn’t fear you, they feared what you and your brothers could bring their way. When you venture out of your bug out location, your will be wandering into someone else’s. Looking like a recruiting poster will draw unneeded attention.

  9. Ryan Coldiron said:

    Logic and common sense says it all. There’s not a “one size fits all” type of solution. Plus, you’ve gotta be able to adapt and change your look if you’re trying to keep a low profile.. if you’re walking around, and someone sees you more than once, they start noticing you.

  10. Larry Newsom said:

    So George, you mean to tell me, you see a man or more who are clearly no strangers to kit and combat who aren’t actively harassing you, and you’re gonna think “yep. These guys are the ones I want to$#%&[email protected]*with”

    Or are you going to be more willing to mess with the guy who looks like he can’t fight back at all, and looks like everyone else?

  11. Larry Newsom said:

    And like you said, they feared what we could bring. We can still bring that, be it Baghdad or post collapse US.

  12. Larry Newsom said:

    If “grey man” is such a good concept, how come all the oil tankers/shipping vessels don’t just try to look normal? How come several mount large guns and hire private contractors to keep the pirates away. Shouldn’t, by this logic, that cause MORE attacks?

  13. Justin Fiske said:

    Ruben Delagarza I’m aware but thanks to the Army, most of my trusted souls are spread all over the country.

    Given there were 15 confidential informants in the refuge case, walking around asking (and I include posting in that) is a great way to get yourself followed.

  14. Larry Newsom said:

    Because being part of a page called “die hard survivor” leaves you welllllll under the radar.

  15. Jared Wienke said:

    There is a middle ground believe it or not,and there is a difference between looking like a competent individual and simply looking like a gear nut with too much ammo on their chest.

    You’ve already identified the key principles..eyes up, situational awareness, moving with a purpose…none of these require BDUs, plate carrier, and a kevlar.

  16. Larry Newsom said:

    No, I guess if you WANT to get smoked in the chest and die a slow horrible death, certainly a plate carrier wouldn’t be necessary.

    And have fun trying to do anything in wet denim.

  17. Jared Wienke said:

    Well it won’t make much difference for you since I doubt you have a helmet either, so when you get smoked in the head your plates won’t do$#%&[email protected]*

    Now I know this is a crazy concept, but there is an entire market of tactical clothing and even body armor that are specifically designed so you can blend in to a civilian enviroment with them none the wiser. People like the FBI use them.

    Honestly, this is why I’m not worried about a bunch of weekend warriors and armchair commandos being a threat, their head is so far inside the box they can’t even see the wall.

  18. Larry Newsom said:

    Says the guy proposing you be safer presenting yourself as a victim.

  19. Larry Newsom said:

    A stance that promises aggression has actively saved my life before. I see no reason it won’t again.

  20. Eric Swatzell said:

    Imagine it really depends on the situation. Are you in a group or solo? Grey would work better for the ronin.

  21. Azazel Thorne said:

    I’ll dress how I normally dress, like I don’t give a$#%&[email protected]* . . But best believe that if you’re rolling up on me, I’m gonna be straight up alert, and most likely see you as a threat, until proven otherwise

  22. Steven Bonaparte said:

    During an extended crisis where food is scarce, it might not be bad to have a change of clothes or two a bit bigger than you normally wear. When everyone else is hungry, you don’t want to appear well fed.

  23. Steven Hyde said:

    I clicked in this to see what I should and should not wear and would up with a monologue about the constitution, UN, Katrina and a lot of other info that have nothing to do with clothing!!
    Dude have a little integrity and stop being abused car salesman.
    What you are doing is called bait and switch!!
    So stfu about everything else and just say what you said this article was going to be about.
    I hat being manipulated, tricked or lied to!!

  24. Kyle Root said:

    I wear a variety of military and civilian camo all the time.

  25. Kyle Root said:

    Larry Newsom take the green Willie out of your mouth. Running around like some Rambo wannabe you became a target especially for someone who knows what the$#%&[email protected]*they are doing. All that gear oh you’re a nice find, and that cocky attitude makes you stupid.

    Jared Wienke is not saying look like a victim, but don’t look like someone worth killing, if you gotta$#%&[email protected]*ton of gear I’m going to ambush you and take your$#%&[email protected]*

    I can set traps you’ll never see, I know how the$#%&[email protected]*to get you without you knowing I’m even there. Your attitude is making you complacent.

  26. James Shackelford said:

    You know I expected more info such as maybe wearing wool over cotton. That should have been titled carry the second amendment.

  27. Buzz Burchill said:

    I think a lot of it has to do with the situation. Early on camouflage clothing, especially military, will look like an authority figure and you should be able to move around relatively unimpeded. However when people start getting a little bit more desperate, I don’t think it’ll matter what you’re wearing, if you’ve got a backpack full of supplies, and I have a hungry family to feed. You might find it doesn’t matter.

  28. Matt Gent said:

    Here in West Virginia I’m an outcast if I don’t have some sort of camo on lmao

  29. Forrest Sullivan said:

    What is the point here, to blend. No camo blends to all environmental or situational circumstances. A pair of these and a pair of those would be nice to have. It also depends on what your operational goals are. All you military minded people know all i have said. I guess im sayin don’t throw all your hopes into one type of concealment. A guys needs options.

  30. Bryce Pierce said:

    Watched all the way through, I completely disagree with this video. If it’s bad enough that you’re hiding in the woods (probably a bad idea to begin with because you forgot to cache supplies and can only carry so much), it’s bad enough to wear camo. Military checkpoints, everything gets searched most of the time, so kiss your gear goodbye. Try earth tones, they work as regular everyday stuff and aren’t as obvious in the woods. I think it’s a fundamental problem in that you don’t seem to know what you’re preparing for and don’t have plans that’ll work for different situations and tools that will work for most situations.

  31. Eric Blust said:

    Camo is meant to blend in to nature, in the city you stand out… blend in with the civilians…

  32. Charles Fenn said:

    Round here camo is about average. For urban the perfect camo is dockers & a a members only jacket.

  33. David Webb said:

    Tactical clothing may give you away so you need some way of covertly carrying things you need. Walking anywhere in a shtf situation means you need to be armed, carry more ammo, carry first aide and survival supplies. Loose clothing with inside pockets will work better.