(VIDEO) He Takes Out a 9 Volt Battery. What He Creates With It? This is a Clever Survival Hack!

9 Volt battery

Every survivalist worth his salt knows the trick with the 9-volt battery and the steel wool to start a fire. It's such a staple that many backpackers and campers keep a 9 volt and some steel wool in their fire starting kits because it's so dependable.

But the 9-volt battery can be used for much more than just a fire starting tool (apart from its obvious use in 9 volt-sized electronics. With a little MacGyvering, the 9-volt can also be used to power a ton more electronics as well.

With just the use of this battery, some wire cutters, and some aluminum foil, you can harness the power of the 9-volt to power just about any device you could need.

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  1. Kevin said:

    They are Diagonal Cutters and the initials “DC” is where we get the name DIKES.

  2. Steve Girault said:

    Fake, fake, fake, fake.
    I can’t believe people are still falling for this. Amazing how many people know so little about electricity.

  3. Homer Kreinbrook said:

    Okay folks….a couple issues here. 3 cells inside the 9volt battery means each cell must provide 3 volts each. AA, AAA, and AAAA, C, and D cells are all 1.5 volts. If you put the 3 salvaged cells in a device designed for 4.5 volts, it will fry…..not right away, but pretty quickly. Second, I saw the comment above about the battery “acid”. Alkaline batteries (basically all non lithium and car batteries) are just that, alkaline…..the opposite of acid. The goo inside a battery is caustic and can be neutralized with vinegar.

  4. Ben Rollins said:

    If you looked closely, you would have seen that he got 6 batteries out of the 9-volt – not 3.

  5. David Hutton said:

    It should be mentioned this can be done with any battery, dry, fine tinder and 000 steel wool.

    It might also be worth noting that it doesnt work with dead batteries.
    Get some flint and steel as backup, and learn how to make a fire smudge.

  6. Thierry Pochat said:

    So I need pliers and a 9V battery for my flashlight or I could just keep the right batteries for my flashlight

  7. Stanley Parham said:

    You can buy 4 Bic lighters for about 2 dollars that will light thousands and thousands of fires . I know they’re not water proof . In a dry bag they are . I have many ways to get fire but you can bet I’ll use a lighter first .

  8. Randy Gentry said:

    Forget the batteries and the lighters and matches. those are for city boys with no skills. Skills are far more important. I never carry lighters and matches. Charcloth is very easy to make, flint and steel, or a fire steel far better. Don’t have charcloth, use punky wood. Carry a magnafying glass of 5x or more for sunny days. Never worry about it again. Electeonics, never depend on them myself

  9. Jomommas said:

    Pretty cool..
    If you do the same to
    Those big square flashlight
    Batteries,you get a bunch of
    AA batteries full size

  10. Eric Holder said:

    they are called diagonal cutters or dikes

  11. Rich said:

    Wire cutters or dykes

  12. Rich said:

    It will work it just won’t be 9V. It will be 4.5 for alkaline batteries