(VIDEO) He Takes Out a 9 Volt Battery. What He Creates With It? This is a Clever Survival Hack!

9 Volt battery

Every survivalist worth his salt knows the trick with the 9-volt battery and the steel wool to start a fire. It's such a staple that many backpackers and campers keep a 9 volt and some steel wool in their fire starting kits because it's so dependable.

But the 9-volt battery can be used for much more than just a fire starting tool (apart from its obvious use in 9 volt-sized electronics. With a little MacGyvering, the 9-volt can also be used to power a ton more electronics as well.

With just the use of this battery, some wire cutters, and some aluminum foil, you can harness the power of the 9-volt to power just about any device you could need.

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  1. Devin Allen said:

    So instead of packing aa batteries. We should pack 9v and aluminium foil? Lame.

  2. Dustin Dailey said:

    AAAs and they don’t last long and when you use the foil it damages the device it’s in and can cause a fire. They are a terrible idea. I found out about them from kipkay on YouTube and burned up my little gaming device I tried it on.

  3. Matthew Council said:

    Damn, the crazy Russian hacker needs a shot of vodka in this video apparently. Got the shakes!

  4. Dave Platt said:

    works with any type of battery and aluminum foil. even a ramen noodle packet with the plastic layer peeled off. or staples.

  5. Karl Knowles said:

    9 volt and steel wool. Keep them separately sealed and you have fire anywhere. Reusable battery too.

  6. Mike11C said:

    Those pliers are “diagonal cutters”, or “dikes” for short.

  7. Bobby Miles said:

    Open up one of those 6 volt lantern batteries and you’ll find something like 16 AA batteries. I’ve never done it myself, but I saw the video.

  8. Phil Powers said:

    And this is why you don’t let batteries lay in a drawer with metal objects. Ones home can easily be burnt to the ground.

  9. Dave Fritzler said:

    I have been doing similar things for years. These are the same basic batteries in the AAAA cells, but without the shells and contacts.

  10. Phillip Harrisl said:

    The 9 volt and steel wool work very well. Store them separately and it can be used several times. .

  11. Donny Bishop said:

    Good job. Pliers – side cutters. Or wire cutters.
    Take a lantern battery apart and have several D batteries

  12. Bobby Brown said:

    Pliers are definitely not Nippers. Although they can be referred to as Side Cutters, they are most commonly known as Diagonals whereas Side Cutters usually are flat on one side and include the ability to grip like regular pliers.

  13. Greg Flater said:

    I do NOT suggest taking batteries apart! They contain acid and can explode in your face. Years ago, I had a D-Cell battery explode in my face, filling both eyes full of battery acid. Very, very painful.

  14. Anthony Johnson said:

    You can get the same effect by putting a little piece of steel wool on both connections without taking battery apart.can light many fires using just a AA battery and thin copper or steel wire

  15. Jaryl Jay said:

    everybody knows this…you can use your shoe string and a stick as well…