(Video) He Shows Us His Off Grid Home. How it Turned Out? He Offers Some Invaluable Building Tips!

round house

Kris Harbour takes us on a journey through his round-house building project. It’s a home he is building in the middle of a forest somewhere in Wales.

The home, made from wood and other natural materials, is coming along great and, considering he’s building it right in the middle of a rain and wind storm, it is holding up really well!

He is laboring on the project all by himself and is getting quite a lot done, all things considered. Still, if he had help we can just imagine how quickly some of his work would progress!

Along the way, he offers us tips and ideas that are invaluable if you, like us, would love to build your own bug-out shelter.

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  1. Karen Broz McGill said:

    What about wood rot? Do you treat the wood in any way to keep ants, termites and other insects out of it?

  2. Peter Wesley said:

    If you have porch and stack wood around it in double stacks it will help block SOME of the heat and cold from getting to the cabin thus helping maintain temperature inside.

  3. Dennis Elliott said:

    uhh more and more folks are leaving out entire words and usually the key word as in this case the word “NOT”