(Video) He Gives Us a Tour of His Root Cellar Shelter. Just How Prepared He Is? I’m Impressed!

root cellar

In our view, any shelter you have near your home should serve more than one purpose. It can be a root cellar, for your veggies and fruits, a weather shelter, if tornadoes and/or hurricanes are your worry, and a bug-out shelter in the event of SHTF scenario.

In all cases, the shelter should be well prepared, strong, and well thought out. Kevin Robinson is a self-taught root cellar builder and he’s learned by experience what will and will not work in his creation.

Smartly, the floor of his shelter is a drain which is ideal when a flood comes and drainage is desperately needed. However, he assures us that has yet to happen. He is up in the hills, after all, in the area where people fight to get to should a flood come!

After the break go to the next page and watch as he reveals his shelter and all the things that make it work.

If Mr. Robinson isn’t an engineer he should be! Oh, and his goat too!

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  1. David Cruson said:

    Just going out on a limb here: IF those in power want what you have OR IF things turn to$#%&!@*like many say… WHY IN HELL would you advertise what you have??? MUCH LESS ON-LINE?!