(Video) He Gives Us a Tour of His Excellent Super Shelter That He Uses to Survive the Winter in the Wild – Wow!

super shelter

Without a wood stove, we might arch a brow at the term “super” but we have to say this is a well-constructed haven for the weary and cold. Watch as our host take us around, looking at his home away from home, and let us know if you have spent time camping in crazy and adverse conditions!

This is the first of three parts and we do like the motivation and initiative these men took to make their own refuge. Obviously, they plan to come back again and again so a good sturdy place to hang their caps and snow skis is a great plan. And, by the way, we cannot blame them. It is beautiful area!

Now again, we are not altogether sure about the term “super shelter” but, when you think about it, one man’s hovel can easily be another’s manor house! So, super shelter it is!