(Video) He Gives Us a Tour of His Excellent Super Shelter That He Uses to Survive the Winter in the Wild – Wow!

super shelter

When we think of a super shelter we think of something a little bigger, warmer, and having a few conveniences that we do not normally see in an average shelter. Bushcraft Ukraine and his pal, Max, spent their first night in what they consider a super shelter. They built in the woods in early December 2015 and came back to it in January 2016.

It was happily and surprisingly dry inside but we are not entirely sure we would consider their little home away from home a “super shelter”. Now, having said this, it is dry inside and their wood stove will certainly keep them warm and comfortable for their overnight stay. This is good because it is really cold outside, with a lot of snow and temps of -1C in the day and -6C at night!

If you would like to see their shelter go over to the next page. You can determine if it is, indeed, it is a super shelter or an average grotto. Only a true prepper and survivor will know for sure!

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