(VIDEO) He Finds an Agave Plant. What Vital Survival Tool He Makes From It? WOW!

agave needle and thread

It’s not an uncommon scenario: you’re enjoying a relaxing camping trip or hustling along on a bug out mission when suddenly a misplaced stone or a strong gust of wind rips a hole right through your tent or ground tarp.

Now your only defense against the wind and rain has been compromised, and to make matters worse, you’ve removed your fabric repair kit from your bags in order to save weight to add that extra MRE.

Luckily if this all happens in the more arid regions of the United States and Mexico, you may be able to fix this situation fairly quickly and efficiently. Just look around for an agave plant.

Learn how to use the natural fibers of the agave to your advantage on the next page.

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  1. James Gelowitz said:

    Without looking at the article, I am going to assume it was either food, burn relief, or cordage.

  2. Casey Fuller said:

    The best trick from creek Stewart ever was making cordage from an old 2 liter soda bottle