(Video) He Built a Sleeping Pod for Survival. How it Turned Out? I’ve Seen Nothing Like It!

handmade shelter

Overflow in shelters for the homeless is not unusual and the idea of having small, secure pods outdoors, especially when it storms, is a great alternative to sleeping outside in the cold and on a wet ground!

Watch as our host constructs his concept!

His heart was in the right place. He pictured the shelter for the homeless, a place where they can sleep safely overnight while remaining warm and snug. The extras inside; power bar, water, alarm clock and even a place to store their shoes and backpack were all wonderful considerations.

I give him an A for effort! This was a great place even if, after his modifications, we are a little unsure of its longevity. We would like to see how it would do during a windy evening. Still, when you are cold and alone, this shelter, for only a couple hundred dollars, is key!


  1. David Brooks said:

    someone can purchas a Hundred of these on a Vacant Land and Have a Temporary Homeless Shelter, think about that one.

  2. Deborah Braden said:

    My husband has a patent of a one piece unit for shelters that can fit in the back of a pick up truck that is taller and alot easier. Just take out of the truck and put on the ground. Much better, no putting together parts. portable. Shelter or storage building. Much stronge also. Can handle bad weather also.

  3. Ed Roberts said:

    If you put a red flag on the side the post office will stop and pick up the mail!

  4. Doug McMichael said:

    Jamie Williamson to much to put together but a lot drier that tent camping

  5. Joe Bloggs said:

    No better than a shipping container really. Tents are quick and easy, but you can build something more permanent with branches, mud, grass and a decent hole that is free.