(Video) He Built a Sleeping Pod for Survival. How it Turned Out? I’ve Seen Nothing Like It!

handmade shelter

A builder gets an idea in his head for a cheap but well-constructed shelter. Nothing fancy. Just a small place for a person to sleep in overnight.

A nice place for anyone, homeless or just an unfortunate that is in need of a quick place to lay down their head for a few hours.

Paul Elkins had this idea of cheap living, to be utilized by churches or other charity organizations trying to help their fellow man.

The pods are only a couple of hundred dollars to make but go a long way in aiding those in need.

After the break, go on over to the next page and watch as Mr. Elkins builds his shelter, designed to be torn down and built up and over again, with modifications!

We’ve never seen anything quite like it!

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  1. David Brooks said:

    someone can purchas a Hundred of these on a Vacant Land and Have a Temporary Homeless Shelter, think about that one.

  2. Deborah Braden said:

    My husband has a patent of a one piece unit for shelters that can fit in the back of a pick up truck that is taller and alot easier. Just take out of the truck and put on the ground. Much better, no putting together parts. portable. Shelter or storage building. Much stronge also. Can handle bad weather also.

  3. Ed Roberts said:

    If you put a red flag on the side the post office will stop and pick up the mail!

  4. Doug McMichael said:

    Jamie Williamson to much to put together but a lot drier that tent camping

  5. Joe Bloggs said:

    No better than a shipping container really. Tents are quick and easy, but you can build something more permanent with branches, mud, grass and a decent hole that is free.