(Video) Genius Home Fortifications We All Should be Taking Advantage Of

locked iron door

After a disaster it's only a matter of time before unprepared people become hostile. Whether they were too lazy to prep or they didn't have enough supplies, it's true that many people will attempt to take what they can from others. That means prepared people will likely become targets.

We don't want that to happen so it's up to us to keep the intruders away. Take a look at this guide on the video below and learn about several different home fortification options. No, we may not be fighting zombies, but if these methods will keep zombies away it's a safe bet we can keep humans away too!

It's sad to think that in the future during a collapse people robbing other people will be common. They will do it through intimidation, force, or treachery. If we're not ready to stop or prevent them from taking what's ours, then we are going to lose what supplies we have rather fast. Luckily these methods should help us keep the intruders at bay.

With a variety of home fortification methods, we can keep ourselves and family members safe from harm. As long as we carefully plan and build strong structures, we'll be fine, no matter who comes knocking on our door!