(Video) Forget Stitches. Here’s an Easy Way to Treat a Wound During a Collapse.


With sharp blades comes great responsibility. Chances are, from time to time, those blades will come back to bite you. Now you have a deep wound and no way to give yourself stitches. It's a good thing there's a better way.

Super glue, while it sounds extremely toxic and dangerous, is actually a much safer alternative to bonding flesh together than stitches — at least when an amateur is applying said stitches.

Of course, if you have access to a clinic then, by all means, go see the doctor. But if you have no other alternative this is a great method that's done the trick for thousands of people.

Just be sure to clean the wound properly and never apply superglue to an area that's gushing blood; severed arteries and major veins will need professional help immediately.