(Video) Follow This Tutorial and Learn How to Quickly Hotwire a Car During an Emergency

how to hotwire a car

While it may not seem overly important now, especially if you have a well-working vehicle at your disposal that has yet to fail you, there just may come a time when you will need to break into yours or another’s car and speed away. We are not talking about stealing a car but keys have been known to disappear when you need them most!

In the future, after a collapse, who knows what might happen. Can you just picture huddling together with a friend who has a car in easy reach but the keys are in his or her spouse’s possession. No one currently knows where either are so what do you do?

You hotwire that car and either search around for the missing spouse or companion or high-tail it away from certain disaster, supplies, kids, and friends in the trunk and backseat!

Of course, before you do that you may need to know how to hotwire the thing! It is not as difficult as you may think. Go over to the next page and check it out. One day knowing this skill just might save some lives!

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  1. Russell Reinke said:

    None of this works any more. It’s not the 80s anymore. Even if you get the car started, how you gonna disengage the steering lock? Stick with outdoor survival, and leave the mcguyver$#%&!@*out. It’s useless any way.

  2. Robert Mattos said:

    Okay well that’s all fine and dandy but how are you going to pop the column

  3. Thom Brouillette said:

    Stop stop stop this just doesn’t work anymore. Nothing has a coil like that anymore and anyting old enough that does probably doesn’t even run stop running this thing it’s stupid