(Video) Family Discovers a 1960’s Fallout Shelter in Their Backyard


It is surprising the things a family can find in their backyard if they look closely enough. For us, moving into a somewhat rural area in Southern California is was finding tins and magazines dating back into the early 1920s and 1930s — but there are those who find even more impressive things!

A family in Wisconsin, who lived in their home for more than a decade, was surprised to find a fully-stocked bomb shelter in their yard!

The Zwick were always aware of the metal door back there but apparently were not incredibly curious about it until one day they opened it up and looked inside! Climbing down the ladder, the Zwicks found a Cold War-era bomb shelter, stocked with enough provisions to last a family for two weeks!

It is an 80 square-foot shelter and contained goods from the era of John F. Kennedy! Surprisingly, many of the supplies were still in excellent shape, despite decades of storage and a flood.

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